Don't know your carrots from your corn? Well then, here's a quick guide to who's who in The Carrotty Kid's world...

The Carrotty Kid

He's the home-grown hero, the vigilante vegetable, the crime-fighting carrot - he's The Carrotty Kid, and he's the hero of this series.

Although he's only a kid - a baby carrot, if you will - CK is nonetheless pretty handy with a spot of karate, and is only getting better, thanks to the patient tutelage of his sensei, Master Che-Ri, with whom he lives, and in whose china shop he works from time to time.

While his martial arts skills are rather good, CK isn't the brightest lad you'll meet, and can be terribly clumsy...but at least his heart is in the right place (his chest).

Master Che-Ri

Every young, aspiring hero needs a good teacher, and thankfully CK has one of the best - Master Che-Ri.

Che-Ri can seem to be nothing more than a furious ball of rage at the best of times, but beneath his furrowed brow and big, bushy moustache lies a kind and caring soul, who came out of retirement to not only train The Carrotty Kid in karate, but also to take the poor kid into his home, after CK was orphaned at an early age.

Since then the pair have gotten on like a house on fire. Which is just as well, because Che-Ri's house does often wind up on fire, thanks to CK's blundering ways.

Count Cornelius Cobb

Booooo, hiss! It's Count Cornelius Cobb, The Carrotty Kid's arch-enemy, and quite possibly the most vile, villainous vegetable to have ever been grown from a single seed.

From his evil lair in Castle Cobb, the Count plots all manner of dastardly schemes to try and enslave the population of Legume City, or to try and become Emperor of the World - supervillains, eh? Why can't they ever be content just robbing the odd bank, huh?

Cobb is an incredibly arrogant and vain chap, convinced that he is a super-genius and better than everyone else, ever. Which is blatantly untrue, as his plans are always foiled by a tiny, child carrot.

What a BERK.


Crusher is Count Cornelius Cobb's long-suffering henchman, who's job it is to carry out any of his boss' biddings, no matter how nefarious and villainous they may well be.

Crusher got his name from the fact he has great strength, and huge hands with which he can crush things, be they tin-cans, televisions, small cars or - gulp! - heroic carrots.

As well as great strength, Crusher is also a pretty smart guy, and can often spot the flaws in his master's plans before they inevitably go wrong. It's just as well Cobb is too stupid and arrogant to listen to his henchman, otherwise the world may well have been destroyed AGES ago.

Keep your eyes peeled - ha! Peeled! - for further character profiles, as we get ready to introduce you to the likes of Baninja, and Sat-Sumo - soon....