In 2006, The Carrotty Kid had a brief (but GLORIOUS!) brush with fame, when he became the star of a proposed animated series for TV.

British animation studio Cosgrove Hall (responsible for the likes of Danger Mouse and Count Duckula) responded favourably to a Carrotty Kid cartoon proposal, sent in by Carrotty creator Andy Fanton.

Before long, Cosgrove Hall had optioned the character, and were busying themselves on making a thrill-packed pilot episode to show to potential broadcasters! EXCITEMENT!

Produced by Jon Doyle, animated largely by Mike Whaite, the pilot centred around The Carrotty Kid (voiced by Phantom Menace actor Marc Silk) left in charge of Che-Ri's shop (Che-Ri being voiced by Pink Panther star Burt Kwouk). Naturally, it isn't long before this simple task goes awry, and disaster strikes...

Sadly, despite generating interest from ITV, the show was never commissioned as the channel declared their plans to remove the afternoon kid's TV slot from their schedule, resulting in far less kid's programming being picked up.

Thankfully, thanks to the MAGIC of the internet, the pilot episode lives on, and can be enjoyed in all it's technicolour glory below! HOORAY!