to the homepage of that home-grown hero, The Carrotty Kid! POW!

Yes, after a couple of years' absence from the web, everybody's favourite crime-fighting carrot is BACK, and bigger than ever....well, in size he's a lot smaller than he used to be, if we're to be completely honest.

Anyway, we're waffling. If you're already familiar with CK's crazy, cartoon antics, then you'll know what to expect already - ACTION, ADVENTURE and lots of  TERRIBLE PUNS.

If this is all new to you, allow me to explain - The Carrotty Kid is a webcomic chronicling the action-packed (and amusing!) adventures of the titular, karate-chopping hero, as takes on all manner of BADNESS threatening his beloved home of Legume City.

You'll find a quick guide to who's who in Legume City here, and then once you're up to speed you can plough on through the comics on the main site, to get a taste of the adventures to come.

And what does adventure taste like? Well, like CARROTS, of course!