Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Lime from Leopard Street

EVERYBODY welcome the Lime of Leopard Street in this week's adventure - putting the ZEST back into crime-fighting!

This week's excellent guest-strip comes courtesy of kick-ass Kent Tayler, a freelance cartoonist whose work has appeared in Viz, Prospect magazine and a host of others!

You can befriend Mr. Tayler and see some of his work via his Twitter and Facebook profiles - go on, he won't bite. (I think).

Comic historians among you will no doubt notice the neat little parody of the classic Buster comic strip 'The Leopard from Lime Street' in this comics' title - which got me thinking, can anyone think of any other fruit or veg-based puns based on classic comic characters? Suggest away in the comments below! Maybe I'll even use one for a future strip!

See you all next lime! Uh, next TIME!

- Fanton.


Peter Gray said...

Very good strip with some great funny wording..

In Busters Mastermind by Jack Edward Oliver he also had a lime superhero the lime form leopard street it was..

But the strip above is just the five a day gag..

FatMouth said...

I'm scared of limes now.

Taylertoons said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Peter. :)
FatMouth - so am I...