Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Thunder Carrot


This week's Carrotty Kid strip celebrates the cartoon legend which is Thundercats. Ah, how I used to love that show, with its crazy cat people, the coolest sword in history and Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living. It really captured my young imagination, more so than Transformers or He-Man, and I watched it regularly, collected the toys and read the excellent Marvel UK comic series. AND I had my own light-up Sword of Omens, which I think made me the coolest kid alive.

Excitingly, a new take on this 80s classic has launched in the States, reworking the show for a new audience. If internet buzz is anything to go by, the new series is actually - gasp! - GOOD, so I'll definitely be tuning in when it hits Cartoon Network UK on Saturday the 10th September, at 11pm.

In the meantime, why not relive your youth (if you're as old as me) by watching the awesome title sequence from the classic series, then go and compare and contrast it with a peek at the revamped 'Cats.


- Fant-O.

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