Thursday, 25 August 2011


EUURRRRGH. Everyone hates Brussels sprouts, right? Why we insist on rolling them out every Christmas, I'll never know. It's festive TORTURE.

Thankfully, today's sprout-based guest-strip is FAR from horrible, thanks to the excellent work by fellow Dandy artist Steve Beckett, who drew the brilliant Daredevil Dad and Sea Dogs for the comic. Check out more of his wondrous work on his very own web-o-site!

So, a big 'sprout out' to Mr. Beckett, and remember to be back here next week for more Carrotty fun! POW!

- Fanton.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Thunder Carrot


This week's Carrotty Kid strip celebrates the cartoon legend which is Thundercats. Ah, how I used to love that show, with its crazy cat people, the coolest sword in history and Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living. It really captured my young imagination, more so than Transformers or He-Man, and I watched it regularly, collected the toys and read the excellent Marvel UK comic series. AND I had my own light-up Sword of Omens, which I think made me the coolest kid alive.

Excitingly, a new take on this 80s classic has launched in the States, reworking the show for a new audience. If internet buzz is anything to go by, the new series is actually - gasp! - GOOD, so I'll definitely be tuning in when it hits Cartoon Network UK on Saturday the 10th September, at 11pm.

In the meantime, why not relive your youth (if you're as old as me) by watching the awesome title sequence from the classic series, then go and compare and contrast it with a peek at the revamped 'Cats.


- Fant-O.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Predict A Carrot

IT WAS about one week ago when rioting and looting broke out in Tottenham, London, sparking off a four-day bout of violent chaos across some of England's towns and cities.

The scenes were ugly and terrifying, playing out on TV screens across the country like some kind of ridiculous post-apocalyptic movie writ large, except this was all too real and there was no Kurt Russell on his way to save the day.

Since then, discussion and debate has arisen about the causes of such unprecedented rioting, with politicians and pundits blaming everything from terrible parenting, to Twitter and pretty much everything in between, jabbing an accusatory finger at anything that crosses their field of vision.

I don't think it is either a case of the rioters just being brainless thugs, or is it a case that they were completely helpless, mere victims of an uncaring and ruthless society. The real answer, I fear, is somewhere in between, and much more complicated.

I certainly don't know the exact root of all the problems, nor do I pretend to know how to fix them. And I DEFINITELY know that a webcomic about a talking carrot isn't going to solve anything, but what I hope it'll do is make some people laugh, because that's one of the great things about this country, our ability to poke fun, ridicule, parody and all join together in shared laughter, even at times of crisis. Heck, if The Dandy and The Beano could keep on laughing through World War II, then I think we can afford to keep giggling now.

Keep on smilin', Carrot-teers!

- Fanton.