Friday, 29 July 2011

The Dark Nit

Look, everyone! It's The Carrotty Kid! He's back, and back in his DARKEST adventure yet!

But don't fear, we've not gone all grim and gritty on you, as the above strip will verify! Phew!

This is the first strip I've drawn for CK since February, for which I apologise (although there were a few EXCELLENT guest-strips in my absence!). Alas, paid cartooning work for The Dandy has rather absorbed all my cartooning time...until now! So hopefully this should be the first of MANY Carrotty Kid updates this year - keep those fingers crossed!

Please help us tell the world we're back by sharing this strip if you can, we'd really appreciate it! And get your chums to follow CK on Twitter and Facebook too, and let us get the Carrotty crew back together!

See you back here - hopefully! - next week for more Carrot-based action. HURRAH!

- Fanton.


George Shiers said...

Is that Dave by any chance?

Fanton said...

It miiiiiiiight be (yes!)