Thursday, 17 March 2011

Guest Strip: 'Training'.

Hi, Carrot Fans!

Well, we have a couple more Carrotty Kid guest comics for you this week, both from VERY talented Carrot Fans INDEED!

First up is the one you see above, written and drawn by thirteen year-old Carrot-teer, Jonathan Barham! See more of his wonderful work HERE! Thanks, Jonathan!

You can also check out the EXCELLENT work of past guest artists, by clicking HERE!

Be back here TOMORROW for another slice of carrot action!


- Fanton.


Tommy Donbavand said...

Superb stuff!

Harry Rickard said...

Love it, love it, love it! :)

Can't wait for my story to be up tomorrow!

Joanthan Barham said...

Thanks, for this, Andy. Wasn't even doing it as a guest strip,it was just a bit of fun! :D Thanks to my pal harry for if he hadn't have forwarded it to you it wouldn't be here.

By the way, sorry for the poor quality. My scanner's a load of tat and my amateur-ish colouring skills aren't exactly to die for. If only I could hire someone to do all that for me... *Thinks up evil plan*

Thanks again! :D