Friday, 18 March 2011

Guest Strip: 'Dinner!'

Hello, Carrot Fans!

What better way to end the week and prepare for the weekend than with another AWESOME guest-comic? THERE IS NO BETTER WAY!

The super-skilled Carrot Fan responsible for today's terrific tale is fourteen year-old Harry Rickard, and we here at Carrot HQ think he's done a fab job with the comic! Thanks, Harry!

You can see more of Harry's wonderful work by simply clicking HERE.

We've had a great selection of guest comics over the past few weeks, so be sure to check them all out here! And if you'd like to submit your own, send an electrical mail to!

Tara for now!

- Fanton.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Guest Strip: 'Training'.

Hi, Carrot Fans!

Well, we have a couple more Carrotty Kid guest comics for you this week, both from VERY talented Carrot Fans INDEED!

First up is the one you see above, written and drawn by thirteen year-old Carrot-teer, Jonathan Barham! See more of his wonderful work HERE! Thanks, Jonathan!

You can also check out the EXCELLENT work of past guest artists, by clicking HERE!

Be back here TOMORROW for another slice of carrot action!


- Fanton.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Guest Strip: 'Vegging Out'

Hello, Carrot Fans!

What's this? A second Carrotty Kid update in the same week? HOW CAN THIS BE?

Well, it's thanks to a bunch of VERY talented cartoonists who have kindly agreed to do some Carrotty Kid guest comics! HOORAY FOR THEM!

Earlier in the week fellow Southsea scribbler Stuart Linfield stepped up, and NOW we have another ACE contribution from the amazing Jay Townsend, who has drawn up the splendid strip you see above!

You can see more of Jay's wondrous work over on his tumblr blog, HERE, where you can meet his own groovy creations such as Bobzilla and Pigwhale! Do check it out, chums!

If YOU'D like to contribute a guest strip, then don't hesitate to email me at or send me a DM on Twitter: @FantonEsquire

And if you're wondering what I've been up to which has made me unable to draw up a Carrotty Kid comic for a while, go HITHER to see me hosting a 'How to Draw' video for The Dandy - plus you can win the sketch from the video itself!

Tara for now!

- Fanton

Monday, 7 March 2011

Guest Strip: 'Bonsai'

Hello, carrot-teers!

We have another EXCELLENT Carrotty Kid guest-strip for you this week, courtesy of the awesome Stuart Linfield. I LOVE it, hope you all do too!

For more from Mr. Linfield, go hither, and bookmark his blog, which is launching soon with lots of comic-y goodness!

Don't forget, YOU can pitch your own guest comic for this site by dropping me an email: - all ideas welcomed! (Well, NEARLY all. No rude stuff, yeah?)

In other news, my own website has just been given a revamp and features a few of my own strips from The Dandy comic, as well as a couple of Carrotty comics, to boot! YAY!


- Fanton.