Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Carrotty Kid: Dandy

Yup, carrot-fans, it's true (ALL of it!) - CK himself makes a fleeing cameo appearance in the latest issue of The Dandy (issue no.3522) in the latest episode of my current comic, Boo! HOORAY!

Pick up the comic from all good stockists NOW for only £2.50, and enjoy some extra veg with your laughs!

- Fanton.

(with apologies to Jamie Smart, Phil Corbett and Nik Holmes, and Craig and Michelle.)


Harry Rickard said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC! Everything about that was amazing, I loved it!
I hope to see more of Carrotty Kidn in the Dandy or Beano, but not as a cameo, hint hint... ;)

Anonymous said...

George vs. Dragon and Boo! have been my favorite two new strips since the comic was relaunched. The scripts are simply outstanding. Thanks for the chuckles.

Fanton said...

Harry: Thank you! I too would not object to the carrot-faced one appearing in a comic for real...maybe one day, eh?

And thank YOU very much, anonymous person! So glad you're enjoying the strips, there's a third strip still to debut from me, AND a slew of mini-strips, so you may be sick of me after a month or two :D

Thanks, guys!