Tuesday, 2 November 2010

George vs Carrot

HAS it really been TWO months? Oh my! My apologies, Carrot Fans!

Regular readers may remember that the last Carrotty Kid comic - over TWO MONTHS ago, now! - ended on a THRILLING cliffhanger, as two elderly prunes were chased by a GIANT SNAIL in a not-very-high-speed pursuit.

So where's the next part, you may be thinking. Or, alternatively, you may be thinking, 'PRUNES? Chased by a SNAIL? This is STUPID!' and are now flipping across to another website where such nonsense doesn't happen.

For those of you wondering what's happening with The Carrotty Kid, allow me to explain - not long after I posted the last chapter, I got word from the editors of The Dandy comic that one of my other comics - George vs Dragon - would be seeing print in Britain's longest-running comic (more about which you can read HERE). Hooray!

So, since then I've been busily drawing knights and dragons, and not anthropomorphic fruit and vegetables.

It's been great to finally see my work in print (the first issue to include my strip came out last week, the next is out TODAY), but obviously as a proper, paying job it's had to take priority over CK's adventures, which I do purely out of love (although it's nice when people buy t-shirts).

HOWEVER, this does not mean the end of the Carrotty Kid - oh no! I can't quite put a time frame on his return just yet, but rest assured, everyone's favourite vigilante vegetable SHALL return!

In the meantime, you can enjoy my other comics work in The Dandy, every Wednesday, for only £1.50! Or you can subscribe (especially if you're overseas!) or check out some samples at the website.

And keep your eyes peeled for future Carroty updates!


- Fanton.

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